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Elle has over 17 years experience directing, facilitating and mentoring students 1-2-1, in community groups and drama schools across the UK both via online platforms and in person.

She teaches at Drama Schools across London, and has lead Shakespeare workshops across the UK and the globe.  

In 2018, in association with Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts she facilitated workshops for young women in Peckham, was commissioned to write a piece of spoken word for ‘Generation X’ outreach, and led a devised project entitled ‘My Generation’ with a group of teenage girls about empowerment and identity.

Elle is a Tutor & Director at YATI (Young Actors Theatre Islington) working with 4-26 year olds, Lead Acting tutor on the Acting Foundation course, Writing facilitator for botht the young company and the adults writing group, creating and facilitating workshops, directing, one to one audition training, LAMDA coaching and mentoring.

Elle also has experience working with young offenders, and students of all ages with additional needs. 

Available to book for poetry/writing workshops, movement directing, LAMDA coaching, dramaturgy, directing and audition coaching. Got a project or audition coming up? Get in touch! 

Elle has a full DBS, 200YTT, and is first aid trained.


Available for one to one coaching

in the lead up to drama school auditions

or any other auditions. 

I went to Elle for one-to-one help with my monologues in preparation for my drama school auditions last year. Previously, she’d taught me as part of a year-long foundation course, during which I was struck by her professionalism, knowledge and experience of both craft and industry, as well as the support and care she has for her students. In our one-to-one sessions, she provided me with play and speech recommendations, and cultivated an environment in which we could learn, workshop and play until I felt ready and excited to go into my auditions. Without her help, I don’t believe I would have received the results I got this year, including an offer from RADA, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and a place on the reserve list for Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Besides the help I’ve received from her personally, I’ve also been inspired by Elle’s plays, whether that be Honeybee, her one woman show which she both wrote and performed to great success, or her plays at Young Actors Theatre Islington, in which she directs ensemble pieces, including and showcasing the talents of every actor in the cast. These plays have become a highlight of my year.



Elle's insight as a mentor is invaluable, she gave me the freedom to try, and fail, and try again. I have grown tremendously both as a person and as an actor in my time working with her. She has inspired me to be bold with my creativity and unapologetic with my art. Elle's help with my monologues undoubtedly allowed me to gain places at multiple top UK drama schools; she helped me trust myself and my instinct and taught me how to let things go and be myself when auditioning. Her energy is infectious and she has an openness and truthfulness that has really brought the best out of me. Elle has never failed to challenge me,  she has always treated me like a professional and we have never gone through a session together without laughing. Elle is the best director. I owe her so much and wouldn’t have come this far without her. I owe her so much and I have been very lucky to learn from her and I look forward to working with her again some day too.



Elle always brought creativity, playfulness and honesty to our sessions. She helped me see characters through a different lens and enhanced my acting ability. She is an inspiring professional and allowed me to completely be myself.

I’m so so grateful for everything. It’s such a amazing feeling, I wouldn’t be able to have got in without her and all her help, my heart is so so full right now!





"Elle came on board to Movement Direct my solo fringe show, Recovery Town. Not only did she masterfully manage my fears around movement, she has a miraculous ability to draw out structure with those she works with. Elle asks questions. I found that through talking through the movement, and through Elle's examination of my motives and performance aims, my entire show grew in clarity. So much of her subtle direction is pushing you to make creative, daring and often beautiful choices. I have no hesitation in recommending her most highly."

- Ella Prendergast, Recovery Town

“Eleanor is a huge asset to us here at Young Actors Theatre.  She is a fantastic facilitator and director who gets the very best out of members of all ages and abilities, and her passion and professionalism commands huge respect and admiration from all that encounter her.”

- Andrew Harries, Artistic Director of YATI

"I can’t express how grateful I am to have Elle as a role model, director and all round inspiration, honestly. Her willingness to learn even in the position of a teacher, brings me so much hope. Her care towards us as a class has been phenomenal; we would not have got to where we needed to be without her being there and guiding us. Elle's courage and boldness is remarkable. Thank you! Also thanks to her for bringing yoga into my life! "

- Monay, YATI FOUNDATION 2019-2020


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